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Your mixes should have a decent level without EVER reaching 0 dBfs. It doesn't matter all that much whether the highest peak is at -1 or -6 dBfs. One really important thing: NO digital clipping!Please do NOT apply any processing on the mix bus. There should simply be NO limiter,compressor,finalizer,exciter,stereo widener,tape emulator,EQ or such on the master output. That is something going to be taken care of during the masteringprocess in a much better way then you can do yourself. In other words, don't 'pre-master'.Individual channel compression and group compression is of course part of the mix, but signal processing on the summing bus can really make our work very hard because it limits later choices and may create unforeseeable artifacts.If you really like the way your processing sounds on the mix bus, we suggest you send mixdowns together with the un-processed files too. They can sometimes be a useful pointer as to your sound preferences.Most DAW's let you have 0 seconds offset at the start of a track when rendering. This can sometimes lead into the problem that, for instance, the first bassdrum is missing the first attack of the sound. It's best to render with something like 200ms of silence in front of the track. Same goes for the end of a track. It's better to have some silence at the end, then missing that really important reverbtail at the end.Starts and ends will be taken care of during mastering.Others: Files should be wave 24bit 44.1khz Format. If you are not sure what you are doing is right, simply contact us and ask!regards,Danny | D&G records.

How to prepair your music for mastering

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